Cheap Heli Bricks in Airplanes

There have been a lot of threads/posts regarding the use of heli bricks in planes, but these have drifted down the forum and may not now be so noticeable.

My interest in them came about when I was looking at the V911 micro heli thread and the HK R415 thread. I decided to buy the heli through Bangood and at the same time I ordered a spare rx brick.

Unlike the mCX brick that others have used and posted on, the V911 brick uses non-linear servos and having been impressed by the HK 5320 servos and their size/weight, I thought that it would be a worthwhile brick alternative.

 My favoured package of an HK R415 rx, two HK 5320 servos and a HK 3a brushed ESC , weighs 7.3g and costs me 15.39. The V911 brick weighs 5.3g and cost 8.48. I'll ignore p & p charges. An mCX brick would cost approx. 38.00, whilst an AR6400 is 46.00.

Obviously, the HK package uses the Spektrum tx with all the benefits, whilst you have to have either the V911 tx or a compatible one (see post 1 of the V911 thread) for the heli brick. The manual says it has a range of 60-80 metres, but that wouldn't be a worry as I only want to fly where I can clearly see a 20in. w/s plane!

I haven't yet decided how to use the brick and with what motor, but I may test it in an old Silverlit SWP airframe that I've had for years. In the meantime perhaps this post will arouse some interest for others to comment and/or have a go.

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