Club History

The Bergen County Silent Fliers LLC is a model aircraft club, founded in 1983 and chartered by the  Academy Of Model Aeronautics.

Our field is located in a Bergen County Public Park, membership is open for ANY Bergen County resident with a valid AMA card and whose main interests are in building and flying various types of electric powered sport and scale aircraft.  We are New Jersey's  largest and Bergen County's oldest established RC electric club. Our outstanding commitment to community service and youth education has helped us achieve the Gold Level Leader Club National award which is the highest level of recognition from the Academy of Model Aeronautics leader club program.  The only club  in northern New Jersey  with such distinction as well as being nationally ranked in the top 3% of  all AMA chartered clubs.


The club is also Northern New Jersey's AMA's Youth and Education Representative and as such, takes part in many Science and Robotic  Fairs, Civil Air Patrol Cadets, Scouting  and STEM related events at the local and national levels.


Stop by at our place often. If you are in the vicinity of our field or meeting place we would love to have you visit with us and perhaps join our ranks. We always welcome spectators at our field, Fridays and weekends are usually the best time to visit.


Bring the little ones over to have them get an appreciation of our hobby. Who knows, they may become involved with one of the greatest hobbies there is.


Club shirts and apparel can be purchased here:

Club Merchandise

And again, thanks for visiting us.



Flying of R/C aircraft is by permit only and issued to Bergen County Silent Flier LLC Members in good standing.  Our field is located in Bergen County Public Park, membership is open for ANY Bergen County resident with a valid AMA card.  Gas or glow powered airplanes are not permited in the park and are in violation of Bergen County Ordinance Laws. Any person flying without a permit will be subject to a fine by the Bergen County Police.


AMA members are now required by regulation to register their aircraft with the FAA to avoid federal enforcement and potential penalties. All Radio Control modelers must register aircraft weighing greater than 0.55 pounds.  The registration fee is $5. Online registration can be accomplished on the FAA web page at,

In addition, you will also have to include your FAA number along with your AMA info in/on your aircraft. If you are not registered with the FAA you will not be allowed to fly at BCSF.


Aeral View
Aeral View

AMA District II Website - District to which our club belongs.

On the back of the club membership card is the permit number which the park commissioner issued to us.  We are the only AMA Chartered Club that has been granted this privilege.  This is a Bergen County Park and the Bergen County Police handles all incident (Please do not call the Fairlawn Police, they won't come).  The Bergen County Police department will have a copy of our permit, just give them the permit number that is in the back of your permit.


  1. Call (201) 646-2700 and ask to have a police officer come to the park (our park is Dunkerhook, Saddle River County Park, Williams street entrance).
  2. Tell the police officer that you have a permit to be there and give them the permit number (if you are calling on times we don't have permit access PLEASE DON'T Call).
  3. Give the police your cell phone number so that they call you as they are getting there and meet them at Williams Street so that you arent implicated with the call.
  4. Let the Police take it from there.


Thank you.