2019 Warwick All Electric Funfly




Saturday, June 27th, the Bergen County Silent Flyers will host the Fourth Annual Warwick Electric Summer Funfly at the Warwick Municipal Airport, 41 Airport Road, Warwick, NY.  This is a full scale airport with a 3000 ft paved runway as well as access to the lake at the end of the runway.  Here is a link to the airport.  The airport will be closed for the day for this event.
This event is open to all facets of fixed wing electric activities except FPV Aircraft.
     Electric float flying (2.4 GHz only)
     LMR/ALES Glider (2.4 GHz only)
     3D (2.4 GHz only)
     Park Flyer
     EDF jets

     Sport Flying
     Dawn Patrol Mass Launch

AMA required, 2.4 GHz preferred and mandatory for glider, float flying and 3D.  FM permited for general flying (we will have freq board).  Bring your tents to set up at the flight line.  Participants with trailers will be asked to park in designated areas.  3D flying will be also held at a specified area (no 3D flying on the main runway!!!).

Its a wonderful venue so don't miss it.  If you've never been there you probably have seen this airport appear in movies and TV series.  Last year it was featured with Kevin Bacon in his mini series "The Following".
Club member setup is at 3 pm Friday June 19th at the airport followed by an evening BBQ and night fly.  Fun fly starts on Saturday at 8 am and continues to 4:30 pm.  Night fly starts at 6:30 pm until?
$10.00 landing fee for day
BBQ lunch concessions will be provided by the Warwick Airport Association.  Proceeds of the funfly goes to the Warwick Airport Association.