2023 Bergen County Silent Fliers Application Form
2023 Membership Application.pdf
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Individuals who have ACTIVE CURRENT AMA and CURRENT Yearly CLUB DUES before Feb 28'th are registered onto the AMA club Charter List and are considered active members (AMA Charter renewal form is sent March 2nd) ....

1. Individuals  who have Current AMA and not have paid Club dues are considered non members as of Feb 28th and will have a $20 reinstatement fee.

2. Individuals who have Expired AMA but have paid Current club dues are classified as Supporter and have waived their flying benefits untill...If  they show proof of Current AMA before Feb 28th will be not be subjected to the $20 Active member reinstatement fee

3. Individuals who do not have AMA but  paid club membership  are classified as club Supporters and have waived all flying benefits


4. New members pay $25 mebership fee and a $25 initiation fee.


5. There is no fee for Youth/Junior members ... Membership is contingent on a parent or guardian  joining the club or having a senior member in good standing sponsor the junior member (with approval of parent or guardian).