Club merchandise can be purchased by clicking on the link below.  All proceeds will be used to further club activities.

Thank you for your support!

NOTE: Due to the size of our club, we can not realistically stock all styles and sizes of apparel in anticipation of future orders.  As such, all orders will have to be pre-paid and a large single order will be placed with the vendor.

All delivery of merchandise will be at club meetings or events once we receive the merchandise from the vendor.

Beacon Foam Tac

Exclusive pricing for BCSF members only.  The ultimate in foam adhesive.  Safe with all types of foam.

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BCSF Vinyl Sticker

Available in Black or White.  This is an OUTSIDE sticker and does not stick to the inside of the glass.

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BCSF baseball Cap in Khaki

We can't guarantee that this cap can improve your flying but it is guaranteed to help you keep Cool and look Cool.  One size fits all.

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BCSF Tee Shirt in Carolina Blue

The ultimate antidote to Honey-Do.  That's right, wear this shirt proudly and your wife will know that "Honey, I can't do.  I have an important club outing today!"  BCSF not responsible for any action after that statement.


100% Ultra Cotton by Gildan.


* NOTE: First photo shows the front of the shirt.  Second photo shows the back of the shirt.

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BCSF Pique Polo in Carolina Blue

Fly with style and Panage and be the envy of the dog walkers at the park.


100% Ultra Cotton by Gildan.

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Every Friday & Sunday:

Weather permitting, flying at Dunkerhook around 1:30pm on Sundays and after work on Fridays

October 2015:

10 - End of season Fun Fly, HVRCC, 9am - 3pm, West Haverstraw,  NY


---- 2016 ----


February 2016:

26-28 - WRAM Show, Secaucus, NJ


May 2016:

7-14 - Joe Nall, Woodruff, SC


June 2016:

?? - Lehigh Valley Radio Control Society, Ellis Grumer Electric Fly and EDF Meet, LVRS Flying Field, 3140 Gradwohl Switch Road, Easton, PA

?? - BCSF Warwick Airport Fun Fly,  Warwick, NY


August 2016:

3-7 - IRCHA Helicopter Jamboree, AMA Headquarters, Muncie, IN

?? - Town of Haverstraw Airshow, 10am - 4pm, Haverstraw, NY